Our Law Firm has a wide experience in corporate and commercial litigation, with a long history and experience in highly complex cases. Additionally, our firm provides services in the following fields: insurance, banking, corporate, regulatory, among others.

The variety of business law where our firm can work is as wide as the needs of our clients. Even if this description does not cover the whole scope of the professional services we provide, it presents an overview of the main business-related law areas.

Court Practice, Conflict Resolution and Arbitration
  • Representing local and foreign clients, legal persons and physical entities before the Federal Courts of the City of Buenos Aires and the provinces in civil, commercial, labor and tax cases
  • Representing local and foreign customers before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.
  • Counselling in matters of creditors´meetings, bankruptcy procedures and creditor´s rights.
  • Counselling in conflicts between shareholders.
  • Counselling in damages claims.
  • Counselling in loan recovery.
  • Proceedings before National, Provincial and Municipal agencies.
  • Execution of sentences and arbitral decisions in Argentina.
  • Participation in international and local arbitration as arbiters and lawyers of any of the parties.
Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Counselling in matters of creditors´meetings, bankruptcy procedures and creditor´s rights
  • Representation in creditors committees.
  • Representation in credit verification procedures.
  • Counselling in the acquisition of failed companies.
  • Counselling in guarantee execution.
  • Representation and counselling in preventive out-of-court and debt swap agreements.
Corporations, Foreign Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • General corporate counselling.
  • Board members´ responsibility.
  • Counselling in Shareholders´Agreements.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Foreign investment.
  • Legal audits.
  • Corporate records and registration.
  • Corporate reorganization.
  • Counselling in conflicts between shareholders.
Commercial Law, Business Contracts and Competition Law
  • Counselling and execution of business contracts.
    (Agency and representation contracts, pledge, leasing, rental, distribution purchase/sale of shares agreements, etc.).
  • Defense of competition.
  • Anti-trust investigations
  • Unfair competition.
  • Dumping claims.
Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Counselling in insurance claims and insurance-related litigation.
  • Counselling in pending cases assessment.
  • Auditing of ongoing legal cases and estimation of possible settlements.
  • Counselling in civil responsibility, damage claims, life insurance, personal accidents and medical and professional malpractice lawsuits.
  • Counselling to insurers on regulatory issues, claim-related issues and corporate issues.
  • Counselling on insurance policy wording.
  • Representation of re-insurers in reinsurance disputes.
  • Counselling on insurance and reinsurance standards.
  • Representation before the insurance and reinsurance regulatory agency and consumer protection agencies.
Banks and Finance
  • Secured and unsecured loans.
  • Debt restructuring. Bank restructuring.
  • Regulatory framework.
  • Currency exchange controls.
  • Trusts.
  • Leasing.
  • Real estate and agribusiness financing.
  • Transfer of portfolios.
Capital Market
  • Public offer of shares and debt securities.
  • Structured financing. Securitization.
  • Financial trusts.
  • Open and closed investment funds.
  • Shares and debt securities transactions.
Labor Law
  • Litigation regarding labor law and dispute resolution.
  • Senior staff severance.
  • Labor contract drafting and negotiation, collective bargain agreements and dissolution of labor relationships.
  • Reorganization and restructuring, massive layoffs and voluntary retirement plans.
Tax Law
  • General tax counselling in local and international transactions.
  • Tax counselling related to mergers, acquisitions and foreign investment.
  • Representation in tax-related litigation.
Sports Law
  • Counselling and representation of athletes.
  • Relation with athlete managers and sponsors.
  • Representation of sports institutions.
Natural Resources and Energy
  • Counselling to energy generation, distribution and transportation companies.
  • Counselling in electricity and gas regulatory frameworks.
  • Counselling in tariff policies, purchasing agreements, transport and export of gas.
Money Laundering
  • Money laundering prevention counselling to banks and insurance companies.
  • Counselling in the implementation of internal regulations for the detection of illegal activities.
  • "Know your customer" counselling and regulatory framework.
  • Patent application drafting, filing and prosecution.
  • Preparation and filing of utility models and industrial designs.
  • Patentability searches.
  • Trademark filing and surveillance.
  • Opposition filing and follow-up.
  • Piracy and infringement prosecution.
  • Legal enforcement of patents and trademarks.
  • Registration of works.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Litigation.
  • Infringement prosecution.
  • Intervention in administrative complaints.
  • We represent our clients in legal disputes.
  • We operate on behalf of our clients in class actions.
  • Market investigations.
  • Design of short and long term anti-counterfeiting programs.
  • Precautionary measures and court proceedings to stop trademark infringements and obtain the attachment and seizure of the goods.
  • Registration of trademarks with Customs.
  • Cooperating with Customs and Security Forces to prevent the entry, circulation, distribution and exportation of goods infringing trademark rights.
  • Training Customs and Security Forces in the recognition of counterfeit products.
  • Monitoring the online offer of counterfeit products (notice & takedown proceedings).
  • Protection of software and detection of software infringement.


Our firm offers its customers an international network of top-tier law firms in all continents. At our clients´request, our Firm can liaison with foreign law firms and/or manage or supervise directly - as the case may be - all legal issues regarding multiple jurisdictions. In such cases, our clients need only hire CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS. Our Firm will directly manage and supervise the international matter and, if necessary, will follow up on the case with the support of a high-level international firm located at the corresponding jurisdiction and that is considered the most convenient for an efficient management of the clients affairs (prior consultation with the client).

Since our Firm is not bound by any exclusivity agreement, we are in a position to suggest our client any of the main foreign law firms that, in our understanding, can better satisfy their needs and objectives, as well as work efficiently with any foreign law firm suggested by our client or with whom our client has an already established professional relationship. We interact actively with highly recognized international firms in the United States, Europe and Mercosur countries.

Moreover, our Firm can offer its clients cross-border legal services in which we will directly manage, assist and coordinate our clients´affairs, considering the high level of experience and knowledge acquired by our members in a vast array of international cases and transactions in all continents. Additionally we take pride in the fact that we have participated in local and international cases referred to our firm by top-level foreign law firms, and have also worked directly representing local and international customers in South America, North America, Europe and Asia.


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