CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS is a prestigious and renowned Law Firm established in the 1990s in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Law Firm provides professional services both locally and abroad.

It is well-known for its long-standing presence and vast experience in the fields of commercial, civil and corporate law.

Our firm takes pride in its reputation earned in the fields of highly complex commercial and civil litigation and the aggressive stance it takes in the defence of its clients´ interests, which has turned our Firm into one of the most respected in our market.

CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS has a solid experience in litigation: creditors´meetings, bankruptcy procedures, shareholders´conflicts, insurance, banks, debt restructuring, arbitration and alternative methods for conflict resolution, general corporate law, sports law, tax and customs law, social security, labor law and money laundering prevention.

The Firm has also taken part in a variety of business-related fields: corporate finance, capital markets, project financing, corporate acquisitions, mergers and reorganization; securitization and structured financing; investment in oil, gas and mining; debt-restructuring and shareholders´reorganization, among others.

CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS has a broad network of associates throughout the country. It also has an important network of correspondents abroad, having taken part in highly complex international cases.

CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS has a portfolio of local and international clients, including public utilities, insurance companies, credit and development multilateral and bilateral agencies; local and international banks and financial institutions, multinationals, regional and local corporate groups, institutional investors, hedge and investment funds and other public-sector clients, among others.

Teamwork is our priority: every member of CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS is key to the Firm.

CANGUEIRO RUIZ ABOGADOS strives to achieve practical, creative, innovative and swift legal solutions while obtaining positive results in all cases

We aim at achieving our professional goals based on real and reasonable expectations, in a constant pursuit of professional excellence and client satisfaction.



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Cerrito 1294 Piso 13º
C1010AAZ- Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Tel (+54 11) 4021-7000
Tel Seguros (+54 11) 4021-7440
Fax (+54 11) 4021-7001