We have our own vision regarding the role of advocacy in the globalized economy of the new millennium. To better satisfy the ideals of our mission and to position ourselves as one of the main law firms of our generation in Argentina, we convey the following vision:

• To strive to become an exclusive and selective corporate law "boutique" law firm. We believe that the theory of economy of scale not always efficiently applies to the law profession.

• To aim at becoming the best law firm in Argentina, not necessarily the largest, because we believe that being the best means having a long-lasting competitive advantage to which any law service provider may aspire.

• To grow, but not grow too rapidly, because we believe that moderate and controlled growth will allow our Firm to expand its presence in the market without sacrificing the basic principles on which we found our law practice.

• To be exclusive, selective and zealous regarding the type of service we provide and the clients we work for, because we believe in specialization and synergy in an exclusive market segment.

• To hire only lawyers with the best qualifications and background and to provide the best training for them, because we want to ensure a continued and consistent level of quality in our legal services.

• Be innovative, creative, practical, to use our resources intelligently, to respond to market trends and to practice law from a corporate point of view, because we believe that these are the skills and qualities that our clients need and look for when they ask for our services.

• To emphasize our continued commitment in rendering last-generation legal services because this will allow our customers to obtain the results they wish.




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